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The Secrets of Maple

Recipes :

  1. Maple syrup is a straightforward replacement for sugar in most recipes.
  2. Our microwave maple taffy recipe is ready in seven minutes.
  3. Maple flakes are a delicious addition to spice mixtures for meat, fish, vegetables, and vinaigrettes.
  4. Maple water lends a wonderful scent to stocks and soups.
  5. Our nut-free soft granola bars are perfect for anybody’s lunch box.
  6. You don’t need an ice cream machine for our homemade ice cream.
  7. You can flavour maple syrup with strawberry hulls. Amazingly delicious on ice cream or yogourt.
  8. We have so many recipes for active lifestyles.

Products :

  1. There are four classifications of maple syrup, graded according to colour and taste.
  2. It takes an average of 40 litres of sap to make one litre of maple syrup.
  3. Maple syrup is made from a single ingredient: maple sap.
  4. 100% pure maple butter is not butter and contains no dairy.
  5. An unopened can of maple syrup will keep for many years.

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Maple products from Québec are exported to more than 50 countries.

Scientific research

Many scientists are studying the potential benefits of maple to human health.

Maple in the Sport

Professional cyclists Antoine Duchesne, Hugo Houle and Simone Boilard fuel with maple. Maple syrup is a preferred source of energy for athletes.


Maple stimulates the sense of umami, the fifth basic taste that rocked the culinary world.

Nutritional Values

Maple syrup contains 67 polyphenols.


Quebec maple trees in production capture the carbon produced by the equivalent of 290,000 cars in a year.


Maple, in all its forms, has an open invitation to the greatest tables, as it never fails to bring with it a hint of audacity and a host of pleasures. And many have adopted it as their own: Chefs, bakers, brewers, winemakers, ice cream makers, and caterers use maple with a passion… because it’s an exceptional product that invites them to reinvent themselves. Incredible maple!

Hundreds of Delicious Recipes

Maple is a special addition to any recipe, from appetizer to dessert. Find one that’s perfect for you or your occasion!