Maple Taffy

The Joy of Pure Maple

Authentic Maple Taffy from Québec is made by boiling Maple Syrup to a concentrate.

Mmm… Maple taffy! The one-of-a-kind sugar shack treat synonymous with springtime. But did you know you can get taffy all year round? It’s true, as it is with all Québec maple products! Aside from its traditional serving on the snow, taffy delights your taste buds when added to desserts like Italian meringue and praline. Get creative! Add a hint of maple taffy to boost the flavour of savoury dishes like red meat and poultry stuffings.

For generations of Québec children, maple taffy signals the waning of winter, the time of year to go out to the sugar shack. The sap is running, collected, and boiled into syrup. It is further concentrated into thick taffy and poured in a thin ribbon onto compacted snow or crushed ice. It hardens on contact, to be twirled around a stick, and enjoyed like a perfect sucker from Nature.

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Cooking with Maple Taffy

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Maple Syrup

There are four classifications of maple syrup, graded according to colour and taste.

Speciality Products

Vinaigrettes, vinegars, mustards and jellies are just a few of the local specialty products made even more delicious with maple syrup. For sweet and savoury applications alike.

Maple Spirits

Made by fermenting maple water or blending maple into a liqueur, these spirits are great for sipping or cooking. Try maple vodka, maple brandy, maple port, maple cream and more.

Hundreds of Delicious Recipes

Maple is a special addition to any recipe, from appetizer to dessert. Find one that’s perfect for you or your occasion!