Simone Boilard

Professional Cyclist

Maple Ambassador

“Maple is sweetness, comfort, indulgence, and energy … all rolled into one experience!”

Simone Boilard – Maple Syrup in Her Veins!

Simone grew up in the Limoilou borough of Québec City, and was an early starter in the world of competitive cycling. She was only 5 when she followed her big sister into her first race. She hasn’t stopped yet, constantly achieving new heights through sheer determination and perseverance. At the age of 18, she was recruited by Sho-Air Twenty20, one of North America’s top women’s cycling teams. As a junior, she was a multiple Canadian champion and a 2018 world bronze medallist. Her professional career has just begun and the future looks brilliant.

Can’t Live without my Maple Syrup!

Maple is sweetness, comfort, indulgence, and energy … all rolled into one experience! To me, it means Québec and I like saying that I have maple in my veins. I’m the official supplier for my team because you won’t find maple syrup anywhere that’s better than ours.

We always have maple syrup in the fridge at home. And it comes out every morning for my breakfast oatmeal, pancakes, or French toast. It also goes on my rice cakes for carbo content during training. Maple’s great for my sweet tooth: a little syrup on a cup of fresh fruit or plain Greek yogurt does the trick. I always have some with me when we travel to other countries. Can’t live without my maple syrup!

The taste of maple adds something special to everything, even the simplest recipes like for vinaigrettes, marinades, roasted vegetables, and fish. It’s my secret ingredient when I cook for friends. They love my maple-mustard salmon and chicken thighs marinated in maple and soy sauce (actually my Mom’s recipes). On special mornings, I make Maple Eggs Benedict. And I have a recipe for a delicious homemade maple cereal. I just love maple taffy cones, especially because it means spring has come!

Recipes by Simone Boilard

Professional Cyclist

Former Ambassadors

They gave it all to maple: their great talents and their love. They inspired us! They're people of dedication and passion. Wherever they went, they took maple with them. They brought their own special magic to maple and made it sparkle. To our former ambassadors, we say with all our hearts: THANK YOU!

Tips and Tricks

You can make your own maple taffy in just seven minutes.

Try our microwave maple taffy recipe. It’s quick and easy!

Maple flakes make a great addition to spice blends.

Season meats, fish, and vegetables with the delicious flavour of maple.

Maple water is for drinking… and cooking, too!

Maple water brings sublime flavour to soups and broths. Use it to poach fish, too.

A source of natural energy

Maple syrup is a natural source of energy. Check out our recipes for food and drinks before, during, and after exercise.