Roland Del Monte

Pastry chef and ice cream maker

Maple Culinary Ambassador

“Whether in a cookie, a ganache, ice cream or sorbet, we always have maple on our dessert menu…”

Originally from the south of France, Roland Del Monte gained his country’s praises as a pastry chef and glazer. In 1994, he earned the prestigious Meilleur Ouvrier de France (MOF) award. He also won a gold medal from the Ordre de l’Artisanat and was named a Chevalier of the Ordre du Mérite agricole by the French ministry of agriculture. Chef Roland took his talents to Montréal in 2009 where he did remarkable work at high-end restaurants such as Europea and the Sofitel Hotel’s Renoir in 2014.

In the summer of 2020, Daphné Shami opened L’Art Glacier par Roland Del Monte in Westmount. The ice cream and sorbets are spectacular, made only from the finest fresh local ingredients. Chef Roland has a unique ability to find the perfect combination of flavours.

Quality Products and Healthier Choices

Chef Roland prioritizes local and in-season products for his creations, carefully choosing his suppliers.  High on his list is one of Québec’s iconic symbols: maple syrup.

“I do a lot of compotes and coulis and I like to work with excellent primary ingredients. For me, it’s important to use good fruits because their natural sugars are the best sweeteners. I try to reduce the calorie content, but never to the detriment of taste.”

Commitment and Generosity

Roland Del Monte makes a point of sharing his art and knowledge. He is an ice cream consultant in several countries, goes to conferences around the world, and acts as a judge in international pastry competitions. He has been a Maple Ambassador since November 2020.

Recipes by Roland Del Monte

Pastry chef and ice cream maker


Maple, in all its forms, has an open invitation to the greatest tables, as it never fails to bring with it a hint of audacity and a host of pleasures. And many have adopted it as their own: Chefs, bakers, brewers, winemakers, ice cream makers, and caterers use maple with a passion… because it’s an exceptional product that invites them to reinvent themselves. Incredible maple!

Tips and Tricks

You can make your own maple taffy in just seven minutes.

Try our microwave maple taffy recipe. It’s quick and easy!

Maple flakes make a great addition to spice blends.

Season meats, fish, and vegetables with the delicious flavour of maple.

Maple water is for drinking… and cooking, too!

Maple water brings sublime flavour to soups and broths. Use it to poach fish, too.